On the Market: A Trabuco Canyon Home With Great Gardens

This home features a backyard with raised garden beds and an animal enclosure.
Property Photographs by Brandon Beechler

$8 Million
Trabuco Canyon

  • 9,650 square feet
  • 7 bedrooms
  • 10 bathrooms
  • Each bedroom has its own bathroom.
  • Of note: This home sits on 5 acres and features a backyard with raised garden beds and an animal enclosure.
  • 30881 Vía Colinas
  • Kim Karney, 949-677-2102, and Ariana Gaffoglio, 949-315-1111

Wisdom from a landscape architect

Headshot Courtesy of Stephanie Shermoen

Owner of Terrain Integration Stephanie Shermoen celebrates her last year as the garden display comanager for South Coast Plaza’s Spring Garden Show.

The garden show …

The garden displays are on the first floor. The vendors are on the second and third floors. For the garden displays, we have landscape designers, landscape architects, design build contractors, and then we add school groups such as Mt. San Antonio College.

Favorite memories …

When it’s 1 a.m. and you have all these designers and we’re all just building. I’m running around helping people with my gloves on, we’re getting dirty, and working together as a unit. I’ve seen it where … one designer will be struggling and then another designer will come over and help. It’s those moments where I’m like, “This is just so cool.” 

What to expect … 

The theme I’m stoked on—it’s not the overall theme for the show; this is the theme we give the display designers. We defined it as “go with the flow.” It’s basically using water in creative ways, whether it’s native planting, low-water plants, or showing the public how to use rain barrels. I get excited just to have that theme of water consciousness in the display.