On the Market: A Sunset Beach Home with Beach Frontage

Cool off in this three-story home with a pool, beachfront deck, and outdoor shower; plus advice on how to keep your pets cool this month.
Property Photographs by Roberto Zeballos

$12.5 million
Sunset Beach

  • 6,081 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 7 bathrooms 
  • This three-story home has 70 feet of beach frontage.
  • Of note: Take a dip in the pool with a beachfront deck and rinse off at the outdoor shower.
  • 16401 S. Pacific Ave.
  • Charles Buscemi, 562-505-2580

Wisdom from a Veterinarian

Headshot Courtesy of Stonecreek Animal Hospital

Alexis Pico is a doctor of veterinary medicine at Stonecreek Animal Hospital. She shares advice for keeping your pets cool this month.


When to walk your dog …

Early morning or late afternoon. Most dogs can tolerate 75 degrees outside. Short-nosed breeds and younger dogs can be a little more intolerant. Once it’s 80 degrees, start to pay attention … and bring them inside.

Best ways to keep pets cool …

If you don’t have air conditioning, then have a fan, cooling mats or blankets, and a water fountain for kitties. You can make really fun frozen treats for dogs and cats. Some people don’t know that dogs sweat through their paws. You can put cold water or rubbing alcohol on them to help them get cool. 

Signs of overheating … 

First, they’re going to be panting. Check if their saliva is foamy. They’ll be more lethargic or maybe not responding to you as they normally would. If their gums are sticky, that means they’re dehydrated. Their gums are supposed to be a normal pink color, but if they’re really red or pale, then those are signs that you need to get them seen pretty soon. If they’re panting while you’re on a walk, carry them or get to a shady area and have them breathe and relax.

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