Ed Stefanovic of Huntington Beach Built a Mini Coffeehouse in His Backyard

The cafe went viral when his daughter Julianna posted about it on Twitter.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Why build a cafe in your yard?
I’m a carpenter by trade. I’ve always loved cafes, and I told my family I was going to build one in our backyard, right before Covid hit. The idea was that I’d be in my own yard, but I would feel like I was somewhere else.

How long did it take?
It’s 120 square feet, and it took me three months working on it on and off between my full-time job. I’m still constantly adding fine touches onto it, and I think that will go on forever. It’s free-standing and built with mostly repurposed stuff or materials other people would throw out. But that makes it one of a kind, and it only cost about $12,000 in materials.

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

What do you have brewing?
Nothing too fancy, but I have a small coffee maker and an espresso maker. I have an acrylic bakery case that I fill up on weekends when my kids come over.

What was your reaction to going viral?
I was overwhelmed and excited. I never thought something I built would be seen by so many. Suddenly I was on the news. I’ve had people ask me to build them their own, or a juice bar or ice cream shop. It was all because of my daughter.

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