Wisdom From: Life Coach Has Tips for Sticking to Those Resolutions

Photo credit: Julie Norton Pnhotograhy

Anita K is an Irvine-based performance, life, and career coach as well as the author of “Behaving Bravely.” Here are her tips on setting and maintaining your goals for the duration of 2020.

I believe resolutions can be over- whelming and uncover possible unresolved feelings behind set- ting the intentions. Retrospection on the “why” behind the goal is imperative. I recommend setting no more than one to three resolutions by prioritizing them in order. We must possess a clear vision of what we seek and how to get there, even if we are not sure how the outcome will play out.

Implementing a plan without critical support. A resolution has no chance to develop and manifest into the change desired if we adhere to negative self-talk, doubt and, more important, feel alone. Regardless of the outcome, I say “Wander through it; don’t worry through it. It’s a better journey.”

Do engage in a motivating mind- set. With the right plan, barriers can be lifted step by step. Do ask for mentorship related to your goals. Don’t stick to stringent timelines. Don’t align with individuals who don’t support you. Don’t contemplate for a minute your resolution is not achievable or one you deserve.

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