Orange Coast Health 2019

Your Orange County Wellness Resource


11 VITALS :  Yoga on a floating paddleboard engages more muscles.

12 ADVENTURE PLANNER:  Couple hosts wellness events, including Catalina camp.

14 WHOLE30 DELIVERS:  Model Meals founder’s health journey now helps others.

18 A TOUCHY SUBJECT:  Hoag sex therapist dispels some common myths about her work.

22 O.C. HEALTH HAPPENINGS:  20 can’t-miss events to keep you healthy

27 REIMAGINED ROMANESCO:  Broccoli’s spiky cousin gets star treatment at Gratitude in Newport Beach.

28 ALL ABOUT BALANCE:  Local kombucha makers aim to give back.

30 BEAST FEAST:  Cucina Enoteca chef uses all parts of an animal at quarterly dinners to encourage sustainability and health.

32 GUILT-FREE NUTRITION:  Our favorite brands for health-conscious snacks

35 DETOX, HEAT, REPEAT:  An open mind is key to releasing stress and battling illness.

38 LIFE GOALS:  Meet the teammates of O.C.’s over-60s women’s soccer league.

44 CUT TING-EDGE CLASSES:  From aerial hoops to wall-climbing, these exercises keep you in shape.

53 TOP DOCTORS:  This year’s list of O.C.’s best medical professionals.

67 TOP DENTISTS:  A roundup of the best dentists in the county.

72 PICTURE OF SUCCESS:  Laguna Beach chef teaches kids to make better food choices.


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