Newport Beach’s Joanna the Nurse on Her Trademark ‘Nonsurgical Nose Job’

Aesthetic nurse Joana Yoo discusses her work and how she gained 120K Instagram followers.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

How did you become known for the nonsurgical nose job using fillers?
I trained under a board-certified plastic surgeon for almost a year on how to do nonsurgical nose jobs. I loved it because it made such a big change on a person’s profile. I wanted to highlight pictures of the nose injectables on social media even more because people were always blown away by how much it could change someone’s face.

Are there risks to the procedure?
The nose is a bit of a riskier area because (the procedure) can cause vascular occlusion. Sounds terrifying, I know. Its definitely not a common issue, but it is a possibility. So this should always be done in a legitimate medical office.

Is it painful?
It shouldn’t be too painful. The nose, according to most of my patients, is the least painful area of the face to have an injectable. The pain is subjective, but patients usually say it’s very low on the pain scale.

How did you become so known for this?
My coworker encouraged me to highlight my work on Instagram. After that, it just spiraled to what it is now. The rest is just through word-of-mouth and references from clients who have loved their results.

Where can people find you?
I’m at the Physician Center for Renewal in Newport Beach, which is where I do all of my work. However, I also have my own store called JTN Aesthetics. It’s just retail for now, but I hope that one day it will also be an office where I can host clients as well.

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