Looking for a new 2022 sport to do? Try rowing.

How To Row Orange Coast Magazine Newport Aquatic Center
Rowing in the Newport Back Bay at the Newport Aquatic Center.

Photo courtesy Newport Aquatic Center.

With a new year already upon us, there seems to be universal call to get healthy and exercise more. I decided to take on rowing to meet those goals this year.

Coming from an marathon runner background, I needed to find a new sport that would be low-impact to preserve my knee health. That’s where I primarily came to rowing as a sport.

It provides a full-body workout, whereas other sports for everyday health maintenance like cycling only focuses on your lower body.

That’s because rowing requires you to, well, actually row which requires your upper body like your arms. Lower body still gets some love too because the mechanics of the row requires you to slide on a moving seat to then push your body to get the momentum to push the oars and move the boat. Your core also gets engaged because of the body posture you need to keep in order to prevent injury.

I’ve loved rowing for the better part of seven months now, but I intend to keep it up through the new year, both on the water and at home.

Rowing on the water is not as easy as it sounds. It is highly recommended that you join up with a coach at your local boathouse/rowing center so you can properly know form and the other mechanics it requires to row properly and prevent injury.

How To Row Orange Coast Magazine Hydrow
Hydrow, an at-home rowing machine.

Photo courtesy Hydrow.

If you’re here in Orange County, California, I’d recommend the Newport Aquatic Center to meet a coach and get going from there.

There is now an option where you can row from home now, too. Hydrow is basically your at-home rowing machine combined with the community and video teaching of a coach using the on-demand system similar to Peloton.

If you have questions about rowing, feel free to follow me on social media @jordiepoblete and I’m happy to answer your questions.

Happy new year, and happy rowing!

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