4 Ways to Wellness Without the Workout

Photo credit: Courtesy of Truerest Float Spa

True Rest Float Spa
Floatation therapy is a 60-minute float in an enclosed pod filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. As in the Dead Sea, you cannot sink. It puts you in a relaxed, womb-like state.
It promotes well-being by enhancing recovery from workouts and injuries, increasing natural pain relief and deep relaxation, improving sleep, and enhancing creativity.
Inside LA Fitness, Fountain Valley, 714-377-4440

Trained one-on-one stretching experts called “flexologists” stretch you better than you can on your own.
Stretching helps restore muscle and connective tissue to its natural shape and function. It enhances fitness, range of motion, recovery, posture, and flexibility by speeding removal of lactic acid and waste products.
Short sessions work core, back, shoulders, and hips; long sessions add lower legs, feet, ankles, neck, arms, hands, and wrists.
Laguna Niguel, 949-441-7555

Defined as cold therapy and invented in Japan in 1978.
Although it has not proved effective in formal studies, anecdotal benefits are said to include faster metabolism and weight loss (as the body burns more calories to stay warm and raise core temperature afterward), and reduced inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness.
Other claims include that it can prevent dementia, prevent and treat cancer, and reduce anxiety an depression.
Renew Cryo Center, Aliso Viejo, 949-446-8114

Auto-massage pants
NormaTec inflation pants are designed to provide massage-style recovery after running or cycling that gets you ready faster for your next workout.
They use compression and inflation that squeezes and releases, section by section, from ankle to thighs. That minimizes stiffness by sending pooled deoxygenated blood, stuck down in your legs due to reduced heart pumping, back toward the heart, which speeds recovery.
$1,495, normatecrecovery.com

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