Photographing dance is Michael Khoury’s passion, and the contemporary ballets of Russian choreographer Boris Eifman have resonated more than any others with Khoury. “Boris paints the turmoil of the human soul. His dance is a primal scream, and I identify with every one of his characters. His style is unabashedly expressionistic, and he, maybe better than anyone else in the world today, marries classical ballet, modern dance, and the human psyche.”

    Khoury photographed Eifman’s “Don Quixote” for Orange Coast at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in May 2011. He then sent a group of prints to the choreographer, asking him if he would be interested in working together on a book. Eifman was, and this “cold call,” as Khoury called it, led to a year-long collaboration and a 200-page coffee table book of performance photographs, “The Art of Boris Eifman” (Dergham Publishing & Printing).
    This current slide show is from the November 2011 premiere of “Rodin,” which Khoury photographed at St. Petersburg’s Alexandrinsky Theatre. He subsequently flew to Amsterdam, London, and Modena to shoot performances of “Anna Karenina,” “Onegin,” and Eifman’s biggest hit, “Red Giselle,” respectively, for the book. Khoury and the choreographer have become close friends, and Khoury is looking forward to seeing “Rodin” once again at the Segerstrom Center May 3-5.