Diana Vishneva

    Born just outside St. Petersburg, Russia, 37 years ago, Diana Vishneva has been that most rare of prima ballerinas: an always-questing artist. She has perfected the leading roles of the classical repertory, and yet that has never been satisfaction enough. She has sought new challenges, new experiences, looking for something riskier, even if it was not guaranteed to please an audience. She has had roles created for her by a diverse range of dance-makers, each one as uncompromising as Vishneva.

    In “On the Edge,” a follow-up to 2008’s award-winning “Beauty in Motion,” and another co-production of the Segerstrom Center for the Arts with Ardani Artists, Vishneva teamed up with choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot, who created a trio for her with Bernice Coppieters and Gaëtan Morlotti (both of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo) and with Carolyn Carlson, who made a solo for the ballerina. Frequent Orange Coast contributor Michael Khoury captured her exquisite intensity in these photographs from the November performances at the center.