Arts: July 2013 – Robin Johnson

    Robin Johnson’s paintings evoke a true sense of place, drawing on her formative years spent in Southern California. Born and raised in Orange County and Cardiff-by-the-Sea in north San Diego County, she also spent a great deal of time in Palm Springs, where her family built a boutique hotel in the old tennis district in the 1940s. “In just my short time, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a great deal of transformations as this region grows and evolves. I find inspiration in both the natural and historical aspect of this land, but also in my fascination with it as it morphs into something new every year. The people, the places, the lifestyles—they are all so intertwined, and at the same time paradoxically divided. I find it all so decadent, from the rustic to the manicured, and all the subcultures in between.” She’s also had several shows in the region; in addition to participating in Laguna Beach’s Festival of Arts, her work has been shown at Laguna Art Museum, the Huntington Beach Art Center, and the Irvine Fine Arts Center, among others.