Sacred Saturdays | From the Editor, November 2017

Illustration by Martha Napier

Is there any greater promise of hope than Saturday morning? The weekend is still stretched out in front of us, and there are no time restraints to interfere with our ambitions. We can do whatever we want, all day and night, since we know Sunday is there for recovery and rest. Saturdays are for striving—tackling a challenge, visiting a new place, or sweating through an outdoor activity.

I view every Saturday the way I view the first day of vacation. All the excitement lies ahead, and we make plans for fun. Whether it’s a party, a matinee show, dinner at the new hot spot, or a horseback ride, our Saturday activities will answer the question “What did you do this weekend?” There’s also a huge feeling of nostalgia as we recall the times we went to the zoo with our families or ate ice cream cones on the pier. It might be as simple as my daughter’s assessment: “It’s the only day that’s not a school day or a school night.”

So this month we feature “52 Great Saturdays” (Page 86), a guide we think captures the Saturday zeitgeist. We have some outings that are fixed, but most can be enjoyed any time of year, especially in these offseason months when tourists are gone and the weather is beautiful. We invite you to pick a few and start exploring. There are great options for groups and tips from our local celebrities. From helicopter tours to train rides, from roller-skating to rock climbing, we’re sure there’s something on our list you haven’t done before. Get out and dive into a perfect Saturday.

—Alan Gibbons


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