Read the Editor’s Letter from our December 2021 Issue

The holidays are a time for gratitude and generosity. When I think about where we were a year ago, I feel particularly appreciative.

We can gather with loved ones and attend shows. It’s also the season for giving. We have several stories that highlight philanthropy in our community. We hope they provide inspiration for ways to give back while making you grateful to be neighbors with these wonderful people. In that spirit, and as I look back over the work we’ve done this year, here’s what I’m thankful for.

Editors Letter Alan Gibbons December 2021
Illustrations by Martha Napier.

Illustrations by Martha Napier.

1. The chance to get together with family and friends again
Kids back in school full time and going to dances and sporting events
3. Vaccines!
4. Our wonderful team at Orange Coast
5. Live performances
6. Yoga in new places
7. Our vast array of food choices
8. Massages
9. In-person events where folks support each other (O.C. Scene pages throughout this issue)
10. Comfortable dress shoes
11. Meeting new people face to face
12. Two years’ worth of best new restaurants at our celebration in May
13. Good feedback and ideas from readers
14. Whiskey and the chance to sample new brands at our event last month
15. Hugs (though not everyone is feeling welcoming of them)
16. Lessons from the pandemic; people seem more focused on their passions
17. The amazing, close-to-home vacation options in our state—from Sonoma’s wine country to Ojai, and from national parks to a historic spot in Coronado
18. Outdoor dining: no longer required, but our weather is ideal for it
19. Inspiring Gen Z residents, some of whom we featured in October
20. The opportunity to highlight the stories and spirit of Orange County, in the challenging years, the optimistic years, and the years to come!


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