Read Our Editor’s Note on the May 2022 Mornings Issue

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Our readers like to be in the know and discover unique things in these pages. Along those lines, the Noguchi Garden celebrates 40 years this month, but some O.C. residents know nothing about it—and many have never visited. As you’ll learn in the story on Page 76, Henry Segerstrom commissioned artist Isamu Noguchi to create a unique space between office buildings, officially named “California Scenario.” Segerstrom told people he wanted the result to be a garden by day and theater by night.

The garden lived up to that dream last summer with a dance celebration hosted by Segerstrom Center for the Arts to select invitees. Dancers used the space and evening light to create an immersive performance for an appreciative crowd, and the vision Segerstrom and Noguchi first had in 1979 was realized. “California Scenario” has always been a good place to meditate, have lunch, or stroll before a show. The garden changes dramatically depending on the weather and the time of day you visit. Light plays off the features in different ways, leading to an energetic vibe midday, serenity in the evening, or a more contemplative mood before a storm. Pick your favorite time and head over, whether it’s your first visit or your 40th. 

Illustration by Martha Napier

Speaking of favorite times, we talked to farmers, surfers, baristas, bakers, and others about the benefits of being up before sunrise. Most agreed the calm and stillness are the best parts of mornings in O.C. I’m not much of an early riser, but I’ll never forget the power of a glorious moonset I saw when heading to a 5:30 a.m. workout. To motivate you to get up before dawn, we’ve rounded up unique coffee drinks, scrumptious doughnuts, distinctive workouts, and early rounds of golf for our story on Page 62. Good morning!

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