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Editors Letter March 2022 Issue Martha Napier

Welcome to our second edition of Kickass Women, just in time for International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month. What better occasion to highlight more amazing women in our midst? Yes, we do some of that in every issue, but the impact of seeing so many together always moves me (Page 86).

So how did we choose? We sought advice from women we admire and trust, we asked the original honorees for their recommendations, and we combed the community for suggestions. The result is a gathering of advocates, artists, and athletes; educators and entrepreneurs; leaders of all ages in various fields doing creative and exhilarating work right here in Orange County. This story requires more coordination and reporting than most of our other cover topics, but it’s also one of my favorites because of the connections that get made. It’s fun to meet successful women and learn what drives them. (It’s much less fun trying to condense all of their accolades and accomplishments into a few hundred words!) We share common interests or discover we know the same people. And our county of 3 million-plus gets a little smaller and more intimate.

Of course, there are thousands of local women who could be on this list, and we’ll do more of these stories in the years to come. For now, take a moment to read about some people you might know and others you would like to get to know. We hope they will inspire you with their passion, their dedication, their expertise, and, most of all, their commitment to making Orange County better.

My Favorite Things In This Issue

PAGE 32 – Alexis J Roston, Brit Bennett, Stacey Kent, plus an all-female tribute to the pioneering women in jazz: a kickass lineup of events this month.

PAGE 42 – I’m all about these sunny colors to brighten up a spring wardrobe.

PAGE 72 – Cheers to the hundreds of folks gathering to ride clunkers every week as an escape.

PAGE 100 – It seems like everyone I know is obsessed with pickleball now—neighbors, friends, even some of our writers!

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