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Illustration by Martha Napier

On a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, I invited my daughter along for a drive to the coast in the convertible. The flowers were in full bloom after lots of rain, so what better time to get out and research this issue? As we headed south on Coast Highway past Crystal Cove State Park, we discussed which direction offered the most benefits. Southbound pros: Right next to the ocean, the smell of fries from the Shake Shack, and the sound of the waves. Northbound: that view! The whole coast opens up before your eyes.

In the 2000s, I had occasion to drive from Long Beach to Newport Beach every Friday afternoon. I’d put the top down, relax, and take in the vibes of each beach community. There’s the beautiful open stretch at Bolsa Chica and surfers scurrying across the road through Huntington Beach. The pace slowed as I crossed the Santa Ana River and made note of the Frog House sign. I looked forward to this drive every week; it was a rare occasion that I was completely in the moment and not in a hurry. To paraphrase the Porsche in the movie “Cars”: I drove to have a great time, not to make great time.

In that spirit, we invite you to check out these O.C. roads (Page 64). We also share your favorite tunes for behind the wheel, because how can a drive be great without the right soundtrack? For me, almost any dance music or ’80s song works. But something about Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer” makes me slow down, marvel at the view, and turn up the volume.

—Alan Gibbons, Editor-in-Chief

My Favorite Things In This Issue

Perfect Getaway | Orcas Island is a place to tune out the hectic world and find your bliss.
Sourced | Items at Hay home store aim to add happiness; the bright colors make me smile.
Pokémon Goals | Meet the OCSA alum who stars with Ryan Reynolds in “Detective Pikachu.”
Nice & Necessary | Girl Scouts make amazing leaders in our community. Check out four of them here.

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