Letter from the Editor: Strengthening Our Community in a Tough Time

Illustration by Martha Napier

In the past four days—wow, it has felt more like four months—I’ve been impressed with small acts of consideration and kindness within our community as everyone’s lives are upended. My kids’ teachers have reached out to make sure we know they miss the children. A restaurant manager called to personally apologize for not being able to accommodate a reservation I’d made weeks ago. Our neighbors are going out of their way to check in, from across the street, or to call the older residents near us.

I bet you all have plenty of stories to tell, too. We’re eager to hear your anecdotes and tips during this uncertain time. Tell us about the helpers in your community, what you’re grateful for, your best practices for managing kids while working from home, or your strategies for staying positive in challenging times. Or just share something that makes you smile! I’ve always delighted in how strong, supportive, and connected the Orange County community is. Feel free to post a comment below or reach out to us via social media to share.

We’re thinking of you!

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