Letter From the Editor on Our November ‘The Big O.C. Quiz’ Issue

Illustration by Martha Napier

This is usually the season when we’re encouraged to practice gratitude, with a day set aside for giving thanks. For much of 2020, I’ve been working at being grateful for specifics. Mostly, I’m relieved that this ridiculously challenging year is coming to an end! In the spirit of appreciation, here are 20 things I’m thankful for.

1. Those in health care and the essential workers we rely on

2. That my family is together and remained healthy

3. The team at Orange Coast for rising to new heights in unheard-of circumstances

4. The helpers in our community (Page 22)

5. Outdoor concerts

6. Outdoor workouts

7. Outdoor massages

8. Outdoor dining

9. Generous friends who shared time in their yards so we could stay connected

10. Orange County weather (See items 5 through 9)

11. Creative people who shifted their businesses to make customers feel welcome and safe (See examples this month on pages 26, 42, 46, and 97)

12. Yoga

13. Energized young people doing new things, challenging old thinking, and leading the way forward

14. Meeting the inspiring Kickass Women for our September issue

15. A delightful road trip to Colorado over the summer—short, safe, and necessary

16. Epsom salt baths

17. Netflix, when other escape tactics failed

18. Fresh perspective and the chance to rethink everything

19. Pie! (Page 48)

20. And I’m so thankful for you readers and your notes of support. I’ve never seen as much positive feedback as we’ve received this year. Thank you!

I hope you will take time to make your own gratitude lists. While you have your pens out, dive into this month’s package of puzzles and trivia about O.C. We think you’ll learn something new and have some much-needed fun.

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