Editor’s Note: A Minority Report

Since my name appears atop Orange Coast’s orange.edit.may16.2[1]editorial masthead, and since my signature and some odd variation of my face runs each month with this note, you’d be forgiven for thinking this magazine is the product of a patriarchal organization.

Hardly. In fact, I’m the lone male among the magazine’s nine editorial staffers. My boss is a woman. The writer of our award-winning Rituals column is a woman. So are our regular dining critic, style editor, events editor, and home-design writer. Many of our contributing writers are women. So let me concede, here and now, that the magazine’s strength derives almost entirely from people whose chromosomes are different than my own.

I worry this will sound arrogant, or patronizing, but it’s also the truth: A good manager simply knows when to shut up, get out of the way, and let talented people create magic.

All this comes to mind as we watch Hillary Clinton compete vigorously for the White House, and in recent months as we debated, argued, and ultimately selected the honorees for this month’s feature, “10 Remarkable Women.” Their accomplishments are humbling: a Superior Court judge; a culinary legend; a health-services pioneer. Entrepreneurs. Volunteer organizers. A professional athlete. A Chicano Studies professor and winner of the National Humanities Medal.

True, there’s work to be done to overcome the distressing gender gap in wages and U.S. Senate representation. But if things break Clinton’s way in November, her election would mark a new high in what, from where I sit, feels like a much broader ascendance.

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