Editor’s Note // October 2019 ‘Lightspeed to Disneyland’ Issue

Illustration by Martha Napier

Photographer Emily Davis joined our staff this month from Wisconsin. What better way for her to dive into Orange County than to visit Disneyland for our cover story? She’s a rare breed here, as she has no memories or feelings about the park because she has never been. I couldn’t resist sharing her impressions.

What did you think?
“It was interesting that there were so many people, but there was an overall sense of calm throughout the park. Everyone is walking leisurely and there’s relaxing music playing. Your pace slows down.”

What was your favorite ride?
“I’m not really a ride person because I get motion sickness.”

Uh-oh. Was there another aspect you enjoyed?
“I liked Main Street. I’m from the Midwest, and that felt like when I was growing up. We went on vacations to Mackinac Island in Michigan—people make fudge and there are no cars there. Main Street is like that. It reminded me of every cute small town in Wisconsin and a simpler life—visiting my grandmother and listening to the old-time jazz band. That part was nostalgic for me.”

Anything you wish had been different?
“I was a little disappointed in the food. Walt Disney was definitely not gluten-free! But the food at Downtown Disney was good. It was more upscale.”

What about the new Star Wars section?
“I really enjoyed it! I was more of a ‘Star Trek’ fan, but the marketplace had a very cool vibe, like an old-world bazaar or Egypt.”

Disneyland’s huge effect on our community was reaffirmed last month in a study by three Cal State Fullerton economists showing that the resort created $8.5 billion in economic impact in 2018, including 3.6 percent of all O.C. jobs. Our in-depth package starting on Page 128 shows how things continue to evolve at the parks, offers a peek at what’s coming next, and gives you tips for taking advantage of the best of the resort. Have fun!

My Favorite Things In This Issue

O.C. Events I can’t wait to see Broadway stars Mandy Gonzalez and Javier Muñoz sing Lin-Manuel Miranda hits and more at The Barclay this month.

Food News The bright, happy atmosphere of Flower Child in Newport Beach is almost as delightful as everything I’ve tasted there.

Santa Ana at 150 The years are treating Santa Ana well, as we see in photos celebrating the city’s 150th birthday.

Person of Interest We’re lucky to have teen poet Kinsale Hueston, who is inspiring and thoughtful, in our community.

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