Editor’s Note // November 2019 Breakfast Issue

Illustration by Martha Napier

Mornings at my house are hectic, so breakfast becomes perfunctory. I count it as a win if everyone gets fresh fruit to go with bagels or cold cereal before we rush out the door. This is a shame because my family loves breakfast food. It feels like the only time we get to sit and enjoy a hearty breakfast is when we’re on vacation.

I took a morning recently to indulge in a vacation vibe without leaving O.C. I’d heard about Stacks, which specializes in Hawaiian breakfast, and I’m a sucker for anything from the islands. There were plenty of people in groups and dining solo at the Newport Beach location at 10:30 a.m. on a Thursday. The guava toffee French toast special sounded right up my alley, though it turned out there wasn’t enough guava for me. But the house specialty—mac-nut banana pancakes with to-die-for coconut syrup—truly, I think I could pour that coconut syrup on just about anything and be in heaven! I was immediately transported to a meal years ago on Oahu and the unforgettable macadamia nut sauce at Boots and Kimo’s.

Clearly readers love Orange County breakfast spots, as the response was huge when we inquired about your favorite dishes. We focused our picks strictly on breakfast places. So anywhere that only does brunch on the weekends didn’t make the article on Page 78. We hope you will find a new spot for something savory or a healthy bowl option. Treat yourself to the luxury of time spent over an early meal and start your day with a relaxing outlook and a full stomach to boot.

My Favorite Things In This Issue

➜ O.C. Events This month offers so many great chances for live entertainment: Dia de los Muertos events, Mandy Patinkin in concert, and five illusionists in Champions of Magic.

➜ On The Market The simple decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table will help keep the focus on family, friends, and food.

➜ Main Course Find out for yourself what all the buzz for Fable & Spirit is about. The ambience, food, and cocktails have been delightful since opening day.

➜ Quotes Come join us for our annual Whiskey Classic, where you can sample whiskey and whisky—and learn the difference!

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