Editor’s Note | May 2018

Illustration by Martha Napier

Our goal each month is to tell you how to live better here. This issue is particularly exciting because we zero in on all 34 cities that comprise our county and share the intrinsic delights of each.

While we know readers in San Juan Capistrano don’t often get to La Habra, they might still be intrigued to learn that the Paseo Gonzalez plaza is a charming outdoor spot with multiple shopping and dining options. Disneyland is no secret, but its significant economic impact on Anaheim might surprise you. We’ve recruited multiple experts—readers, community leaders, council members, residents—because who better to sing a town’s praises than the people who live and work there? One big takeaway is how many people focused on the natural aspects of each city: creeks, the lake, a view of the mountains, parks, and the ocean. We also discovered the importance of community centers, libraries, town plazas, and festivals as places to connect with neighbors. The trickiest part? Narrowing the list of treasures to fit in our space!

Whether it’s the future of horse racing in Cypress, the horse-oriented past of San Juan Capistrano, or the horsepower UC Irvine displays as it moves up the rankings of elite universities, you’re sure to learn something new about the place you call home. Here are at least 34 reasons to love Orange County!

—Alan Gibbons

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