Editor’s Note | March 2019

Illustration by Martha Napier

In putting together this issue, I had a fascinating week of dipping my toes into new things: floating meditation, a plant-based cooking class, power yoga, and a quartz massage.

As a group fitness devotee since I was 21, even teaching for a few years, I figured I’d tried most of the classes out there. Just running through the names of whatever I was into is quite a list: Cardiofunk, step, Turbo Kick, spinning, BodyJam, Sh’Bam, Grit, BodyCombat, Pilates, CX, yoga, Zumba, pump. But everyone has times they need to step away from what they’re used to—because of an injury or a shift in schedule or just boredom. Our look at 10 unique ways to Get Fit in O.C. (Page 68) should provide a good place to start. Whether you long to bounce on a trampoline like a kid, push a tractor tire down the beach, or increase your stretch with a fresh form of yoga, you’re bound to find a workout that will intrigue you. The best thing about trying something new is expanding your perspective. My biggest takeaway from this package? I need more variety in my choices. Perhaps you’re looking for that, too. If you like to be outside, check out our readers’ ideas about their favorite outdoor exercises. If you need the responsibility of an appointed time at the gym, you’ll find plenty of options for that, too.

Spring is the time to get rejuvenated. You might have abandoned your New Year’s resolutions by now, but as we add daylight to the evening hours this month, it’s a good time to celebrate with a jolt to your muscles, your mind, and your curiosity.

—Alan Gibbons, Editor-in-Chief


➜ I love the perspective and aspirational nature of the yoga photo at The Great Park.

➜ I’ll bet Wing Lam is an entertaining presenter when he makes fish tacos at a food festival.

➜ Jumping frogs in Orange County? Count me in!

➜ Just the idea of visiting one of O.C.’s distilleries makes me feel hip.

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