Editor’s Note | August 2017

Illustration by Martha Napier

One of the fun quips I saw printed on a tank top recently read, “Brunch without cocktails is just sad lunch.” Perfect timing, since this month’s cover story is all about brunch. And we aren’t the only ones thinking about the midday meal: I can hardly keep up with all the local restaurants adding brunch service.

I love the notion of brunch, but rarely do I get to partake. The weekends are busy with sports, lessons, play dates, parties. But is there anything more tempting than taking a few hours to catch up with friends while sipping mimosas at a great locale? Some of my favorite memories of celebratory meals with extended family involve brunch at a stunning location on the water. No matter your preference for food or atmosphere—new twists on traditional favorites or international fare, a quiet courtyard or an ocean view—we’ll help you find the right choice. And what better time to indulge than the end of summer, when the days are long and nothing sounds better than a glass of something bubbly and a leisurely meal.

My family had a rousing discussion about buffet brunch and which two meals it should combine—better to eat nothing until 10:30 a.m. and then be sated until dinnertime? Or eat a normal breakfast, then head to an early afternoon brunch in hopes of skipping the evening meal? The kids had fun renaming that one … lunner? Dinch? Um, no wonder brunch is what stuck! And in Orange County, we aren’t limited to brunch only on the weekend, as many of our selections offer their delights all week. So pick a day, call your friends, and make a plan to indulge. We’ve got just the place for it.

—Alan Gibbons

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