Editor’s Letter: October 2016

Marth Napier for Orange Coast
Marth Napier for Orange Coast

Health and Wellness aren’t topics we cover much, though they’re a huge part of most of our lives. Perhaps when you read the words health and wellness, you think about doctors and kale diets. To me they mean feeling good in your own skin, giving yourself some insurance against illness, and not being winded after a flight of stairs.

I’ve been sort of a gym rat for most of my adult life. I go from spinning or dance workouts to weight training and stretching classes. Beyond allowing me to fit into my clothes (most of the time), working out expands my community and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Plus loud, fun music makes me happy. The gym is my place of solace, a place to celebrate, and a place I go to escape. During rough patches personally and professionally, connecting with friends at my workout keeps me sane and upbeat. I form relationships with people I might not otherwise. We keep each other accountable and on track. And I’m trying to set a good example for my children about the importance of staying active.

Our new health column from Roy Wallack (Page 70) takes a look at the first steps one couple made toward getting healthy. I love this inspirational story, not because this Irvine pair is particularly unique. But because these folks prove it’s never too late to do something that makes you feel better—in their case, riding electric bikes. And there’s a profound message about how their shift in attitude has revitalized their marriage.

We hope you’ll get a boost from their story, too. Maybe it will motivate you to take 14,000 steps a day, as my neighbor does. Maybe you’ll select a side salad instead of chips. We all need a little push off the couch or out from behind our desks to engage with the world, keep healthy, and move to some good music.

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