Editor’s Letter: August 2016

Wait, what? Isn’t this the Editor’s Letter? Where’s the photo of that white-haired guy doing silly things? “New regime!” many of the sports guys I worked with would shout when there were personnel changes. And this page certainly looks different. Welcome to a new era at Orange Coast. Every day here is a treat for me, working with fabulous people to make you delight in this magazine.

I’ve worked in Orange County for two decades, as a sports editor for many years and then overseeing reporters who covered food, home, health, and travel. That made a nice fit with Orange Coast, where I’ve been on the editorial staff since January 2015. As a longtime O.C. resident, I’m constantly enchanted by the connections we make and surprised at how small a community of 3 million people can seem. I love hearing about new trends, learning the stories of interesting people, and discovering coincidences that unite us.


Illustration by Martha Napier

Our aim remains the same: to make you laugh, make you think, or make you take action. We want to help you live better here. And we want to make it fun. The word that keeps popping up in the office is whimsy— curious, quaint, or fanciful humor. We’re telling you about the county’s best pizza (Page 78), our summer Olympians (Page 88), a beautiful home on Lido Isle (Page 104), and a happy hour for dogs (Page 70). And we hope you’ll smile along the way. There also might be times we vex you. I want to hear about it all! As we go forward, we’ll look to increase our health and wellness offerings and our home coverage. We intend to make it a pleasant journey with little surprises along the way. I’m excited, and I hope you’ll enjoy this ride!


Alan Sig





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