We Asked Our Instagram Followers To Share Their Worst Dates

Heart Macarons by Honey & Butter; Photograph by Priscilla Iezzi

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Taco ‘Bout Broke
After our date he took me through the drive-in at @jackinthebox in Newport then asked me for cash to pay for his tacos. @whitneyaronoff

Not An Interview
I met a girl at speed dating. When it was time for us to meet, she was super nervous. She read questions from a prepared questionnaire, like a job interview. Her questions were harmless, but she couldnt look at me. … So I answered one question with a goofy answer. That got her attention off the paper. I then encouraged her to put the paper away and let the conversation happen on its own. @alex.natelli

The guy proceeds to tell you how proud he was of leaving his ex-girlfriend stranded in Vegas; um, check please. @mrsccrest

You’re Late
I went on a date I met from Bumble. He had me meet him in Santa Ana at a brewery. I had never been there so I walked around looking for him. “(You’re) late I think I’ll just go,” he texts as I am walking in. We decide to stay and he talks the whole time about himself. I tell him I need to give my friend a ride home and he says, “She can Uber.” I tell him she cannot Uber and he proceeds to pay and leave me in the bar alone. I walk out and he comes out of nowhere to drive me to my car. He tries to kiss me and I gracefully decline and get out of the car. He proceeds to slap my ass, and I flip him off for good measure. @pet_friend

Don’t Call Me
This guy took me out for vegan pizza (I’m not a vegan, but he didn’t tell he was!). We get there, and I tell him “I didn’t know you were vegan.” He turns to me and says, “I’m not, but I like my women super slim and you look like you could lose some weight. I thought this would be a good place to discuss your eating choices with you.” @kaitlynlancasterpaul

One Too Many
I went for drinks with a guy I met on a dating app who proceeded to drink too much, barfed everywhere, and followed that by telling me he loves me. Swipe left. @franchescadc

The company exec (verified) who wanted to meet up for coffee and then asked me (via phone call while on my way to meet him) if he could borrow $5 for the coffee when I arrive! True story. I immediately made a U-Turn! @bindeejoon

After golf he took me to “dinner,” which was drive-thru fast food. He then proceeded to tell me that he’d never take a date to a nice restaurant in case the date was awful. He didn’t want to waste his money. I’m thinking, “So you’re saying this date was awful?” After finishing dinner in the car, he said the fast food wasn’t sitting well with him. TMI. On the way home to drop me off, he asked if we could stop by our mutual friend’s home. When we walked in, he immediately grabbed a newspaper and headed to the bathroom. I sat for 20 minutes at our friend’s kitchen table making small talk and trying not to point out the obvious. We finally left and he dropped me off. I almost forgot my golf clubs in his car and ran after him so I wouldn’t have to speak to him again. @juliasmartypants

Con Man
I found out that I went on two dates with Dirty John (after) reading the LA Times! @suefoxrocks

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