Tricks of the Trade: Photographer Mick Gow Captures O.C. Beaches At Night

Photo by Mariah Tauger

Getting started …

I had difficulty finding time to do my photography. I wanted to spend time during the day with my kids and realized I’d have this extra bucket of time if I were willing to lose a little sleep.

What makes O.C. special …

Orange County has unique geographical formations. There are a lot of places with rocks off the coast that make for really good silhouettes.

Best thing about night photography …

My favorite part is that usually when I go, there’s no one around. Having a beach to yourself in Orange County isn’t something many people think you can do—but you can at night!

Favorite beach to photograph …

Crystal Cove is probably one of my favorite
areas because the north end is very different from the south end; there are a lot of different angles and perspectives.

All photos by Mick Gow

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