Travis & David Wear

UCLA forwards, on basketball and brotherhood

With March Madness in full force, 22-year-old Travis, left, and David Wear, of Huntington Beach, are hoping the Bruins’ tourney journey leads to Atlanta. While the 6-foot-10 twins helped power Mater Dei to CIF state championships under Gary McKnight in 2007 and ’08, their coach couldn’t tell them apart when they switched jerseys, but their teammates always could. “People tell me that I look older,” says David, who is—by one minute. After two years at the University of North Carolina, the Wears returned to the Golden State, and now live together in Westwood. So, L.A. or O.C.? “Orange County,” they say simultaneously. “Everything’s more laid back, there’s not as much traffic, it’s not as hectic. And the beach.”—Logan Payne

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