This Costa Mesa Coach Has Worked With Multiple Boxing and MMA Champions

Jason Parillo has been training fighters in Costa Mesa since 1992. The coach and RVCA brand ambassador has worked with athletes including multiple boxing and MMA world champions.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Being a smaller kid growing up, a lot of us have insecurity. It’s what draws us into the fight game.”

When I was 15, I started doing a combination of kickboxing and taekwondo. One day, our teacher pulled me up in front of the class and said, ‘This is the most talented guy in the room.’ It was embarrassing, but it gave me a hint of confidence.”

I had fought plenty of good fighters and high-level amateurs when I was an amateur and had never been hurt or dropped. I think it was the first 30 seconds of my pro debut I hit the canvas. It was a real wake-up call. I ended up knocking him out.”

There’s a fighter named Danny Perez. He had no wins as a professional. He had really no direction and no one helping him out. I started training him full time, and he won a world title.”

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