The Path to Thriving: Sincerity and Love are on Display at MaxLove Project Event

Photo credit: Ralph Palumbo

When Audra Wilford’s son, Max, was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 4, her top priority was maintaining his quality of life. Her background in culinary arts and as an educator prompted her to zero in on nutrition. “I want to be proactive. What can I do to get kale into this child?” she recalls thinking. She combined determination, energy, and fervor, and built MaxLove Project, a nonprofit supporting families affected by childhood cancer. Wilford has an audacious goal for the fifth Farm to Fork “friendraiser” Sept. 21 at Tanaka Farms—double the amount raised last year. Her ambition for the group is huge, too. “If we can change health care, we can close down.”

Goal for this year’s Farm to Fork fundraiser

Full-time employees  for MaxLove Project

Cost for the group to support one family for a year

Max’s current age

Increase in money raised from first year to fourth

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