Seal Beach Pizza Planet Truck Replica Owner on Filming “Pixar in Real Life”

Photograph by Eric Maala

Marco Bongiorno’s replica of the iconic pizza delivery truck from “Toy Story” can be glimpsed in every episode of “Pixar in Real Life,” a Disney+ original series. The filming experience took the truck from Seal Beach to the bustling streets of Manhattan. 

How would you describe “Pixar in Real Life?”
“Pixar in Real Life” is a series of short videos that highlight the spontaneity of New York. Each episode introduces a Pixar-related scene to the general public that can confuse and entertain. For example, there was one that involved Merida from “Brave” where someone dressed as Merida comes to an archery range and there’s just a bunch of people watching her hitting bullseye after bullseye. They’re not pranks or flash mobs. They’re just these little rays of sunshine where if you’re participating in it you can find a laugh, and if you’re watching it, you can find a laugh.

At Williamsburg Pizza in New York

What were some of the highlights filming in New York?
I got a lot of practice driving in New York which is something when (you’re driving) a four-speed manual with California plates. Since it’s a bright yellow car, I did have one person think I was a taxi. (In general), not too many people noticed the truck which I think is a testament to just all the extraordinary things that happen in New York. The last full day I had out there was the weekend of National Pizza Party Day. My friends run Williamsburg Pizza in New York so we organized a pizza party with the truck parked outside the pizzeria. We had some (New York locals) come out who had followed the truck for a while.

What has the response on the show been like from friends and fans of the truck?
It’s been very positive. I’ve had people say, “I saw your truck in one of the episodes.” I usually tell them to keep their eyes peeled and just watch every episode. The truck makes at least one appearance in every episode. In a couple episodes, it appears twice. It’s kind of neat being able to tell them that there’s an easter egg in each one.

What are some of the O.C. events you’ve participated in?
Pixar Nite at Disneyland was the last event we did before the shutdown. We’ve also been at Hula Girls Shave Ice in Huntington Beach, Joe’s Italian Ice in Anaheim, Patches and Pins Expo in Santa Ana, Rock 4 CHOC, the Huntington Beach 4th of July parade, the Disneyland Half Marathon, and the Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day at Angels Stadium.

What are you looking forward to most after the pandemic?
I’m looking forward to road trips and events again. Even though they won’t be exactly the same as before.

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