Our Dance With Cannabis

Illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

Voters in November widened marijuana’s reach from medical use to full legal status, with O.C. residents voting 51.5 percent in favor of Proposition 64. Here are highlights of O.C.’s flirtation with weed.

  • Three Santa Ana police officers—two men and a woman, as in the “Mod Squad”— faced petty theft and vandalism charges in March, 10 months after being caught on video playing darts and stealing the Sky High Holistic staff’s stash of enhanced cookies and protein bars. Sky High Holistic is a medical pot shop.
  • Hip-hop artist The Game, whose given name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, in August became a part-owner of The Reserve, a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana. Comedian Roseanne Barr had announced in February that she was investing in a different Santa Ana medical pot store, but “Roseanne’s Joint” hadn’t opened by late 2016. The normally verbose Barr and the company she was partnering with were mum on details.
  • The carefree adolescence of the county’s nascent medical marijuana industry ended in March when workers at Santa Ana’s South Coast Safe Access, the county’s first licensed dispensary, signed a union contract promising employees minimum starting pay of $13.50 an hour, health benefits, vacation, and paid pension contributions.


  • 21 minimum age to use
  • 6 plants allowed per household
  • $100 fine for smoking pot in public
  • 5 grams, the amount you can buy or carry
  • 15% state excise tax on retail sales

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