O.C. Book of Lists

And now, in no particular order, without regard to protocol, propriety, or boundaries, we present a compendium of local freebies, indigenous foods, iconic blondes, celebrity mug shots, and other unforgettable realities of Orange County life.

A list of the five Orange Coast covers we regret.


Also includes:

9 Wanted for local Bank jobs

10 Most Popular Baby Names

6 Names We Did Not Make Up

9 Families That Put Us on the Map

9 Fabulous Firsts

10 Iconic Blondes

6 Celebrity DUIs

10 Notable Denizens of the Wild Kingdom

83 Public High School Mascots

10 Graduation Rates of School Districts

20 Current and former world record holders among us

6 Notable Contributions to World Cuisine

10 The first link in each chain was forged in O.C.

4 Notorious Money Pits

7 Monuments to Excess

10 free things to do, from AAA

5 Architectural Wonders

and more.


To read the full story, or order a print or digital copy of the August 2013 issue, click here. – See more at: http://www.orangecoast.com/features/2013/07/22/farmers-market-the-ultimate-insiders-guide#sthash.Am4zpcjc.dpuf

To read the full story, or order a print or digital copy of the September 2013 issue, click here.


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