OC Bar Association President Weighs In

Yorba Linda resident and president of the Orange County Bar Association Michael Gregg discusses the group’s role in the local legal community.
Michael Gregg is the president of the OCBA. Photo by Emily J. Davis.

What is the OCBA?

At its core, the OCBA is a voluntary trade association for attorneys to support other attorneys and those in the Orange County legal community. More generally, we are all about finding ways to enhance justice in the community. We provide a place for attorneys to get together, network, share ideas, learn about the latest developments in any given area of law, collaborate with our local judiciary on matters of mutual interest, and support our courts.

Are there smaller groups within the organization?

We have committees, sections, and affiliates. A committee might serve a function such as reviewing proposed changes by the judicial council or, in the case of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, will put together seminars and programs. A section is essentially a specialty area of practice, like banking and lending, where attorneys get together monthly to network. And affiliates are separate groups (though at least 60 percent of their members must be OCBA members) such as the Thurgood Marshall Bar Association or the Orange County Jewish Bar Association.

What’s the highlight of being part of OCBA for you?

Learning the rich history of Orange County and getting to know current and past leaders. One of the initiatives I’m working on for this year is to create a committee that starts the process of telling stories from the legal community. One way to do that would be a podcast. Some people might not understand the major role that Orange County has played in the development of cases nationally. For example, stories about the local law schools: how they developed and where they are today. Or cases such as Mendez v. Westminster, which predated Brown v. Board of Education and dealt with a school district attempting to desegregate Hispanic students. It was a hugely significant case.

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