O.C. Steps Up: H.B. Credit Union Buys Lunch for Healthcare Workers

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NuVision Credit Union, based in Huntington Beach since 1935, saw an opportunity to show appreciation for healthcare workers while offering some financial relief to restaurants by creating the NuVisionCares initiative. NuVision sought out struggling restaurants near Children’s Hospital of Orange County that could provide healthcare workers with lunch or dinner, and then be reimbursed by NuVision. “When this came around back in early March, we tried to think of ways we could help folks in the community,” NuVision’s senior vice president of marketing Tom Sweet says. “We (thought) people who are really hurting here are the restaurants—they just shut down, people are losing their jobs and their income, and it’s just a tough situation.”

Initially, five restaurants including Rib Trader, Tutto Fresco, Don Jefe Jalapenos, Cortina’s Italian Eatery, and Amarith Café served meals to more than 1,300 doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers from CHOC. “We were looking for (restaurants) who were really impacted negatively by the situation; folks who were having a hard time staying open or keeping people employed,” Sweet says. “We really wanted to make a difference in their lives in a positive way … and wanted one less thing for (healthcare workers) to worry about.”

This week, NuVision will partner with Hollingshead’s Deli and The Pizza Store in Orange to provide CHOC’s healthcare workers with meals worth as much as $15. You can donate to NuVisionCare’s GoFundMe page at gofundme.com/f/nuvisioncares.


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