O.C. Steps Up: Chronic Tacos, The Offspring, And Gringo Bandito Give Kids Lunch

To help us stay positive during these challenging times of mostly bad news, we’re sharing uplifting stories happening right here in Orange County. Be sure to check out the May issue of Orange Coast for many such profiles; in the meantime, we offer a few tidbits to make you happy now. Check our homepage regularly for O.C. Steps Up—anecdotes about your neighbors doing whatever they can to lift the community.

Although many schools have continued to provide lunch for children, some paused the program during spring break. With kids relying on these lunches, Michael Mohammed, the CEO of Chronic Tacos, spoke with The Offspring’s lead singer and founder of Gringo Bandito, Dexter Holland, and decided to hand out 400 meals at Perry Elementary School in Huntington Beach this week. “We wanted to find a way to give back to the community that’s been so good to us over the years,” Mohammed says. “We were able to have the taco truck set up where people could drive through and keep everyone safe.”

Within the first few minutes, more than 150 meals that included burritos, chips, salsa, and bottled water were distributed, and all 400 were given out by the end of the event. “We had some teachers and staff from the school helping us out,” says Maddie Simmons, marketing coordinator at Chronic Tacos. “It was so cute and rewarding seeing the kids in the backseat and they would just scream out, ‘Thank you!’ We were just so happy to be there and so happy for the opportunity.”

Keep an eye out for more events to come from this team. “We’re going to continue to do (events). This was our first one and we put this together pretty quickly. (The Offspring) has been really generous to help us out with this. They have their roots here as well and they want to do more going forward,” Mohammed says.


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