Newport Beach Yoga Instructor Chelsey Lowe Competes With Her Dog on Amazon’s “The Pack”

Chelsey Lowe and her Australian shepherd Gryffin compete on Olympian Lindsey Vonn’s new Amazon series, “The Pack.”
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

What is “The Pack” about?
There are 12 contestants with their dogs competing for $500,000 (for themselves) and $250,000 for their favorite animal charity. We went to several countries, and every episode is a challenge with an extreme activity. It’s just a feel-good show where you see an amazing bond with people and their dogs.

How did you get on the show?
I got nominated by a friend. They were looking for someone who was super outdoorsy and obsessed with her dog. I did Skype interviews and then went to L.A. for in-person interviews. From there, they brought 24 of us to L.A. for two weeks in December for dog training to see if your dog would be willing to (do the challenges) and to see the connection with your dog. Then they cut 12 people.

When did you get your dog?
I got Gryffin in 2014 when it seemed like everything in my life was all over the place. I just finished college volleyball, me and my boyfriend had just broken up, I was a nanny for Paul Walker, and he had just passed away. I just needed something that was a constant in my life and by my side. She’s helped me through everything.

What was your biggest takeaway from the show?
I didn’t come in with a lot of confidence because I was cast so quickly, and I felt like I didn’t deserve to be there—some of these dogs were really incredible. Throughout the show, I started to gain a lot of confidence and we really started to step into our own. We did a lot better than I ever could’ve expected.

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