Why We Love O.C. | Numbers Don’t Lie When It Comes To These Cities

By the numbers: Anaheim, Fountain Valley, and Huntington Beach


The city is home to the Disneyland Resort—a vital part of Orange County’s economy.

Photo by Loren Javier

➜ $2,000,000,000 
The amount the Walt Disney Company will invest in the Disneyland Resort over the next decade for expansions such as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and two hotels.

➜ Number of Visitors Per Year

24,200,000 Disneyland/Anaheim
6,250,000 Grand Canyon
4,440,000 Statue of Liberty
14,500,00 Niagara Falls

➜ 31,000 People employed by Disneyland  19% of the city’s workforce

$21,000,000 Disneyland donations to local schools and nonprofit organizations

➜ Visitor Growth (2013-2017)

2013: 18,704,292
2014: 21,737,961
2015: 22,500,000
2016: 23,040,000
2017: 24,219,000

Fountain Valley

The splendor of Miles Square Park

Ilustration by Tram Nguyen

➜ 11 Number of organized activities at the park, including the county’s largest archery range

➜ Lakes stocked several times a year with catfish or trout for fishing

➜ 775,000 Visitors per year, second most popular park in O.C. (after Irvine Regional Park)

➜ Number of 18-hole golf courses

➜ 600 Acres in the park

➜ 9,600 Square footage of multiuse facility under construction

Huntington Beach

Numbers don’t lie when it comes to relaying the popularity of Surf City, USA.

Photo by Kyle Campbell

➜ 1,850 Length, in feet, of the concrete pier

➜ 65˚ Average water temperature in the summer

➜ 16,000,000 Visitors to Huntington Beach each year

➜ 300 Number of world-class athletes who compete at the U.S. Open of Surfing

➜ 511 Surfers who set a 2017 Guinness World Record for largest paddle out


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