Local Leaders Share Their Favorite Places To Dine in O.C.

Orange County natives, celebrities, and VIPs told us about their favorite places to dine.
Photograph Courtesy of Mosaic Bar and Grille

Mosaic Bar and Grille | Laguna Beach
Darren Coyle, co-owner of Fable & Spirit, Dublin 4 gastropub, and Wineworks for Everyone
“Our way to relax is we go to the Montage, the outside area, Mosaic (Bar and Grille). We get a bottle of Champagne and nachos. They have really good nachos—we put lobster on them, whatever they have. Irish people loving nachos; can you believe it?”

Zinc Cafe & Market | Corona del Mar
Shawn Green, former Dodgers outfielder
“Zinc Cafe in Corona del Mar. It’s a great little breakfast spot I frequent. Has indoors and outdoors. It has a nice vibe to it. Just a five-minute walk to the beach. It’s near the main village and kind of like ‘Cheers,’ where you sit and get to know the people. They have a good breakfast. I favor the poached eggs with some tea or coffee, and maybe some fruit.”

Juliette Kitchen + Bar | Newport Beach
Todd Smith, Orange County Museum of Art director and CEO
“Juliette restaurant in Newport Beach. One of the reasons is the burger! It’s just a great restaurant with a neighborhood feel, a good mix of people, and a great wine list. The menu is top-notch; the service is incredible. It’s a great place to go on a Tuesday or a Saturday. We discovered it about four years ago. Every time my husband and I go, we’re always in a good mood by the time we leave. It’s where we go to unwind.”

Da Bianca Trattoria | Orange
Pascal Olhats, award-winning French chef and restaurateur, owner of Café Jardin
“Da Bianca Trattoria in Orange—everything is good. The service is good; everything is consistent. I’ve been going there for 12 years. The food is always fresh, and it’s a nice neighborhood place.”

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