Irvine Stand-Up Comedian Zara Khan Organizes Online Comedy Show

Zara Khan, Irvine

Orange Coast shares stories of how people in our county connected and coped in the early days of COVID-19: tales from the helpers and heroes, tips for surviving stay-at-home orders, shifts local businesses made to adapt, advice going forward, and a community displaying hope and resolve. You’ll find plenty of reasons to be proud of where we live and how we’re rising together.

“Before this, I would go out to perform five or six times a week, and now I’m home every night,” says Zara Khan. “I realized that a lot of comedians, the ones that aren’t big enough to have Netflix specials, are really struggling since everything is shut down. I organized an online comedy show this past week over Zoom and Facebook Live. I was able to get some really big headliners, so I was really excited about that. People like Tamer Kattan, Andy Erikson, Anthony Davis, and Mona Shaikh. We also got quite a few donations, so I (was able to) pay the comedians, too. Stephen Colbert once said, ‘You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time,’ and that resonates with me. Humor has such a healing component. It’s good for the spirit.”

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