Handmade in O.C.: Trinity Bat Company

About 60 percent of the 15,000 wood bats Steve McKee’s Fullerton bat company makes each year are sold to professional players, including Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

Q: What makes your bats different?
A: We take an extra step in the boning process (compressing the grain with a steel rod) and the sanding, and we have a great turnaround time.

Q: What part is done by hand?
A: We have craftsmen who sand the bat by hand. They can feel it and make sure everything is just exactly as it needs it to be.

Q: Why is that so important?
A: If you have somebody sanding with a heavy hand, they can change the dimension of the handle. A professional player can pick up a bat and tell you if it’s wrong. It has to be just right in the way they do it or it will throw the model completely off.


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