Growing Up in O.C.: A Special Christmas for Cal State Fullerton’s Jeanne Tran

The Trans: Joanna, left, Lam, Guadalupe, Jeanne, America, and brother Lam

Photo courtesy of Jeanne Tran

Jeanne Tran
b. 1990, raised in Anaheim
Associate director of state and community relations, Cal State Fullerton

My family never actually celebrates Christmas on Christmas Day. We were able to convince our parents to open our presents on Christmas Eve at 7.

We were going through financial hardship when this picture was taken, so the presents you see laid out on the floor were all the presents we got that year.

My parents are phenomenal. They always raised us to be humble and to believe that it’s not about what you have, but the love of family and spending time with family that’s important. That’s how we were raised. This isn’t a traditional Christmas. This is how a lot of families spend Christmas in Orange County. For my parents specifically, they were just happy that they had four healthy kids and had a roof over our head and food in our bellies.

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