Growing Up in O.C.: Loretta Sanchez as Anaheim Police Chief

Rep. Sanchez as Anaheim police chief

Photo courtesy of Loretta Sanchez

Loretta Sanchez
b. 1960, raised in Anaheim
Member, U.S. House of Representatives

There was a citywide essay contest about “Why I want to be police chief of Anaheim for the day.” I was in the fifth grade, and my essay was selected from Sunkist Elementary School, and I won at the city level.

My essay was titled  
“I want to be a police chief just like my Uncle Bill.” Uncle Bill was someone I made up.

He was patterned after my uncle who was a policeman in Los Angeles. [In my essay I said] I think cops should come from their neighborhoods and so residents would trust them more and they would know that they were in the area. I also talked about drug addiction because one of my uncles died because of a bad heroin deal. He was one of my favorite uncles, and he would go in and out of prison. That really hit me hard. I said I think there should be drug courts; they should have rehabilitation centers and teach people how to get off drugs.

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