Epic Experiences: There are more ways than one to traverse O.C.

Kyle Lovett, photograph by Nathan Tecson

Kyle Lovett, Slackliner
Favorite place to slackline in O.C.: “Pines Park in Dana Point. There is something magical about that park. Captivating views of the sunset, settled along the palisade, with a warm community of regular visitors all maintain that energy.”

Best thing about the sport: “The highlining community. Because it requires so much knowledge and gear, rigging tends to be a communal effort. This means trusting others with your life, even if you just met them minutes earlier.”

What it’s like: “At the best of times, I feel at one with the line and surrounding nature.”

Kym Slingerland, Mountain Biker
How she started: “My friends were all mountain biking. I borrowed a bike from one of them and fell in love with the sport, and eventually I bought the bike.”

Advice for beginners: “Go to a local bike shop and ask about group rides or mountain bike clinics.”

Favorite place to mountain bike in O.C.: “It is so hard to pick. I would say El Moro and Laguna Coast Wilderness.”

Ava von Meeteren, Rock Climber
How the 14-year-old started: “I always liked climbing trees, so Mom asked if I wanted to try rock climbing. She took me to a gym, and I fell in love.”

Where she trains: “Rock City Climbing in Anaheim Hills.”

Favorite place in O.C.: “Pirate’s Cove in Corona del Mar is one place we go locally. You want to go when there are Santa Ana Winds—it’s all sand so the winds dry it out.”

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