Editor’s Note on Our June 2020 “Sustaining Orange County” Issue

Cover illustration by Pete Ryan; Design by Kelly Alexis Lewis

My daughter gave me a box of beautiful rose-gold metal straws for Christmas, exactly what I asked for. It was also a gift for her, as she got to tease me about being a VSCO girl (apparently there’s a big metal straw and Hydro Flask component, but I still don’t fully understand the rest of it). It was the latest addition to my small list of ways to be more environmentally responsible—canvas bags for groceries, reusable water bottles, electric car, and recycling.

I’ve got a long way to go to match the folks we’ve highlighted in our cover story, Sustaining Orange County (Page 68). You’ll meet leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in areas such as waste management, saving the oceans, and renewable energy. They’re passionate and engaged, and the biggest message from most of them is that every little bit helps. Check out the tips and advice: You’re likely doing some things already, and you can probably add one or two more actions. I’m going to think more about packaging and food waste, and I’m definitely going to visit the zero-waste shop and refill station we feature here (Page 75). As we attempt to adjust to a new COVID-19 reality, it might be an opportune time to take stock of what negative environmental habits need tweaks and which ones we can eliminate entirely.

Illustration by Martha Napier

Speaking of coronavirus (I made it two-thirds of the way through this note without mentioning it!), we’re making shifts while keeping our focus on the great things in Orange County. Some of the features you’re used to in Orange Coast might be different—dining reviews are tricky now—but we’re committed to looking toward the future with hope and optimism. We’re at work on our annual Best Of package for July, and we’re grateful for the amazing response to our May issue. In happy news, we’re excited to share that for the ninth consecutive time, Orange Coast has been honored for excellence in magazine publishing with Maggie Awards—this time for Best Overall Design and Best Editorial Layout. We hope you are celebrating the positives in your lives as well, and staying safe!

Ms. Alan Gibbons

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