Eat This with That: Beer & Food Pairings at Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market

At Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market, Recess bar’s solid beer styles suit the market’s sexy sustenance




Pairs well with Noodle Tramp Khao Soi bowl.
Only one beer can cut through this Laos jungle-of-a-dish: India Pale Ale. Its bitterness helps refresh the palate, and the new-world hops accentuate
the tropical peanut coconut curry.








Pale Ale or Pilsner
Pair well with Playground Fried Chicken
Fried chicken alone is great, but PFC’s take is sweet, salty, spicy, and crunchy all over the place. A Pale Ale or bright Pilsner does a good job contrasting without stoking the heat of the spices.





Porter or Stout
Pair well with Ink Waffles Buñuelo
Darker beers work beautifully with chocolate, hazelnut, marshmallow—and especially with the cinnamon-crusted buñuelo waffle from Ink Waffles, a few steps from Recess.

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