Double Takes: Twins + Triplets Working Together

Sibling success in Orange County

These O.C. twins and triplets got no say in their shared DNA. But working together? That was a choice.

IMG_2522Jennifer & Amy Hood
Hoodzpah Design Co., Newport Beach.

The sisters established Hoodzpah Design Co. nearly five years ago and specialize in bold, unapologetic branding and design. They’ve handled creative projects for clients ranging from local brands to large companies, including Google.
➔That Name  A derivation of the Yiddish word “chutzpah,” they intend Hoodzpah, pronounced with a throaty “h” sound, to convey an impression of them as bold and brazen. ➔Working from Home  They’re twins, co-workers, and also live together.
➔Artists at Heart  “As kids we wanted to start our own card company. We pushed our stationery to almost everyone we knew.”
➔Not Just Photoshop  Jennifer and Amy enjoy any creative medium, including painting, illustration, and hand-drawn lettering.
➔At Conventions  “It’s hard to have your face remembered in a crowd. It’s easier when you have two.”

IMG_2717    Hillary Martin & Heidi Petrilla
Twinfully Sweet, Laguna Hills

Weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, the everyday sugar fix—Hillary and Heidi will make it doubly delicious. They say “positive reinforcement, (their) love for sugar, and creativity” are what ultimately led to their twin dessert operation. “We happen to have the same interests: An obsession with sugar and a love for art. Put the two together and you get cake.”
➔Early Career  The sisters were called the “Twinterns” as they shadowed local bakers.
➔In the Office  Hillary handles the computers, and Heidi does the baking. ➔Biggest Fear  When Separated Heidi: “What if I forget how to make buttercream?”
➔Most Memorable Experience  Competing on ABC’s game show “Wipeout” as the Baker Girls

IMG_3078Jared & Jonathan Mattson
The Mattson 2, Costa Mesa

Fifteen years in the making, this guitar and drum duo has toured more than 10 countries as The Mattson 2. The brothers received their undergraduate degrees in jazz at UC San Diego and their masters of fine arts at UC Irvine. As an instrumental group, Jared and Jonathan say their ultimate goal is “to create genuine and limitless pieces.”
➔Twin Telepathy  An important component of their music. It happens especially during improvisations.
➔The Differences  “Let’s just say Jared would be the type to live in a Tiki shack, and I would live in a modern contemporary house.”
➔If Not Musicians  Jonathan would be an architect. Jared would be a “Venice Beach P.I.” ➔Having a Twin:It means “having a lifelong foundation of trust and support.”
➔Most Memorable Experience  They played at an L.A. wedding attended by Bono.

IMG_3696Korrie Lukei, Kelsey Moreau, & Kaeli Reed
Triplet Living, Irvine

These three have discovered an outlet to blend their unique lifestyles into a single creative hub, a lifestyle and fashion-oriented blog known as Triplet Living. It’s aimed at “multiples, moms, and women everywhere,” and its core mission is to encourage women and support creativity. The blog includes everything from hair-styling advice, to waterproof-clothing labels, to “man basket” gifts for husbands, to “stuff our mom wished she had.”
➔Behind the Blog  An artist (Korrie), stylist (Kaeli), and fashionista (Kelsey)—the sisters each contribute to the blog.
➔Growing Up  “It was always so difficult finding a date to high school dances … boys were too afraid of mixing us up.”
➔Favorite Post  #Throwback “to that one time each of us were rocking the perm.”
➔Looking Ahead  All three agree that the best is still to come.

IMG_2858David & Daniel Clements
Twins Chiropractic, Placentia, Costa Mesa, and Garden Grove

Chiropractors who graduated as “top adjusters” in their class, David and Daniel Clements opened their practice nearly five years ago. The Clements brothers pursue their careers with the zeal of entrepreneurs. “Being twins has been one of our greatest marketing tools. People easily forget names, but they won’t forget identical doctors.”
➔Sedentary O.C.  “We do a lot of sitting here in Orange County. We sit in school, at the office, in traffic, and at home.” This can lead to degeneration, muscle tension, headaches, and poor posture. ➔Quadruple Threat  They’re chiropractors, managers, marketers, and brothers.
➔Rule No. 1  Be happy. “At first we considered having two separate practices. Then we asked what would make us happy. We said working with your best friend.”
➔Best Advice  Stay active. Stay moving. Stay healthy.

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