COVID-19 Anniversary: Outdoor Fitness with SunSpark Yoga

Co-owners Ernie and Stacy Schuerman share their experience during the pandemic.
Photograph courtesy of SunSpark Yoga

“We shut down voluntarily about five days before the state shut everything down. We immediately pivoted to free livestreaming classes on Facebook and Instagram. We just wanted to keep our community together. We never reopened our brick-and-mortar, but we did pivot to classes in the park and a residency at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. We started a GoFundMe for us to build an 800-foot semipermanent yoga deck at Orange Plaza with a beautiful platform, canopy, lights, decorations, and potted plants. A flood of people came through, supported, and even helped us build it.”

—Ernie Schuerman, co-owner of SunSpark Yoga in Orange

“During this time, a lot of us have been isolated. Having that feeling of community and having a mutual experience is really good for mental health.”

—Stacy Schuerman, co-owner of SunSpark Yoga

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