COVID-19 Anniversary: Outdoor Fitness with CAZ Training Club in Newport Beach

Co-founder Zac Walker shares how his company adapted during the pandemic.
Photograph courtesy of CAZ Training Club

What inspired you to open CAZ Training Club?
When we started CAZ, we wanted to do something that had a two-pronged approach. We wanted to help people get moving and make a workout experience that was fun and something that you wanted to do instead of something you have to do, and we wanted to partner with nonprofits that were health-focused. Every month, we pick a different nonprofit that focuses on health in some capacity. (In January), we gave back to MaxLove Project which is a local nonprofit and they help kids who have cancer on their diet.

How does it work?
We used to do it with a heart rate monitor as a calorie goal for the month. By the end of the month, we (would) hit like a million calories. Since we can’t pass out the heart rate monitors anymore because of COVID, now members just have to show up and the more attendance we have the more we give back.

What kind of workout can people expect at CAZ?
The workout is 50 minutes and it’s all circuit training, so you move around and you’re doing different stuff the whole time. It’s all group classes and we have an instructor that helps you throughout the workout and tells you exactly what to do. We have three different types of workouts: a strength-focused workout, a cardio-focused workout, and one that’s kind of in-between. We really just try to make it fun—we bring in DJs with themed classes. (We’ve had) a ski-themed class and everyone who wore a ski (outfit) was entered into a raffle to win a free month. People get super into it. 

How did you adapt to the shifting COVID guidelines?
Last July, we basically moved our entire operation to the rooftop of our parking garage. We don’t share equipment anymore so that was a bit of a challenge. We found a way to do the workout where you only need to exchange a few times and then everyone sprays the equipment before someone else touches it. So, we pass out a squirt bottle at the beginning of class with cleaning solution and a towel, and everyone carries their cleaning solution with them. We’ve changed so much. We basically just changed the whole flow and stopped focusing so much on the workout and started focusing a little more on the community and on giving back. 

What has the response been like?
People have loved it. I think people have realized that life is short and because of that, everyone is working out more, living a little bit of a healthier lifestyle, and is more appreciative of one another.

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